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    :) I also worked on Morrowind! :) I like the look of the game. Did you feel any pressure to go "real" 3D? I'm not sure that the detail level would be enough given the "limited" resources of the iPhone/iPod. I know on Daggerfall we felt tremendous pressure to go fully 3D with the characters, but felt a 150 polygonal orc would look like utter tosh!. I like the render sprite look, especially at this screen size. :)

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    If you have a chance to play Dropship (also on this platform), the control circle would temporarily "set" at any point where one placed their thumb on the left side of the screen.

    What I'm think in this game is anywhere one sets their left thumb would bring up control buttons in much the same way. Setting one's right thumb down on the right side of the screen would bring up an "action" button menu (with the rest/attack/magic and whathaveyou options).

    Matter of fact...think of this method less as "virtual d-pads" and more like "floating" menu buttons that appear when corresponding thumbs are placed on the screen (left side of screen for movement, right side for actions). They would be similar to the current menu system you have in place now, but instead of being all bunched up together on the screen and always being onscreen they would instead be "floating" buttons, disappearing when not in use (that is, when the player's thumbs are not onscreen) and appearing when needed (when the player places a thumb on the screen). This would unclutter the screen and give a visual representation of input options that might not otherwise be available with the "touch corners" method.

    With the "floating" virtual action menus, one could then just move their thumb forward to move foward, back for backward, etc. and possibly the corners to turn (in place of my earlier suggested swipe to turn method).

    Here's a vid of Dropship:

    For your game, you'd replace the control circles used in Dropship with the action boxes that you currently have. That's kinda what I'm getting at. Currently you have the action buttons situated along the right hand side of the screen. With the method I've outlined, you can remove the "movement" buttons from that side, as well as the "action" buttons. These, again, would be "floating" buttons, available to be called up wherever the player places their thumbs on the left and right hand side of the screen, respectively. This would allow you to free up that space, and put a larger map display there, along with better defined health/energy icons.
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    getting lost

    Love this game, but find myself getting lost rather often i.e.

    Can't remember where exactly I met the quest giver.
    Can't remember which direction I need to walk to reach an area
    Can't remember where exactly I met the different people in town.

    is all this information recorded somewhere in the game? How do I view it? Thanks!
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    I was happy to offer what little help I could.

    I really love this style of game, and think the world of the work you guys did on Legacy and The Quest. They're some of my favorite RPGs, and I want everyone to have a chance to enjoy your games so that you'll be able to keep on making them.
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    How about an autosave function, say autosave every time you finish a quest? That'd be very helpful, especially for when you get cocky and go after some orcs when you haven't saved in a while. :(
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    I can't find the mortar and pestal in the garden. Where is it?
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    Does anyone have issues with the map's explored areas being kind of quirky? I guess it is a lot to ask that every square is perfectly remembered where you've been.

    This game is awesome though, thank you to the makers!
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    For anyone who needs hints, help, or a walk through...I found an incredibly helpful forum specifically devoted to the Quest :


    Never having played an RPG before, I can't make comparisons to other games within the genre. However, I can say that the Quest has an amazing amount of depth and great story telling. Without exaggeration, it has really captivated my attention like nothing else I've played on the Itouch and is probably the best $5.99 I've ever spent on a game.

    Sylon- thanks for contributing to the creation of this wonderful game!
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    For NDS - Etrian Odyssey I / Etrian Odyssey II
    For iPhone/iPod Touch - The QUEST
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    i deffinitly recomend making it so that when you enter a town enemies stop chasing u. Cuz these two orcs still wont leave me alone and im still waaaay to weak to fight them. i was really enjoying this game untill this happened. Now i have to move one step at a time and i have to constantly make sure i dont trap myself against something or they surround me and i die. Can some one please help me with this cuz i dont want to resart but this seems to be my only option.
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    Does anyone know what I have to do to get more information about the smuggling? I just finished the sickness quest and the Mayor won't tell me anything about the smuggling quest until I bring him some information about it.
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    Huh, there is too much posts at once here for me, but I try to answer as much as I can:

    yankjenets: a good tip for fighting with archers is to cast a spell or shoot with your bow from the distance (always be in the same 'row' as they are), or with a hand weapon step as close to them as possible, and never let them go - even if they become too weak and they're trying to escape or attacking again from a distance, go after them (or if they made a tricky sidestep just hit the action button so one turn passes and they have to move back in front of you), and give that final hit to them.

    Mhans13: yes, usually the monsters are following you. Probably we can build a 'gate' for the guards in a following version if there is any real need for it, but until that what I could find out right now for you as a trick is to be a criminal. : ) I mean, hit a citizen or steal from them and fail - so when you next time go to a guard he will arrest you - do not pay the fine but go into jail. Then you can try to pick your cell's lock if you have a lockpick with a good lockpick skill, or simply walk around in your cell until your time expires. So you'll find yourself out again, in a different spot, hopefully far enough from those ugly orcs. : ) (In this case, some of your attributes will reduce a little, but at least you don't have to start a completely new game.)
    You can use many other tricks too later, f.e. travel away to a different city with a ship, or go down to a larger dungeon and exit in a different spot, or if you'll get the town portal spell (or the mark + recall spells), at any time you can teleport away from those ugly orcs. But I think currently you can't do these tricks...

    Tunawrap: you can easily locate every place if you tap on the map, then tap on the world map icon inside the minimap, so you'll see the whole Island of Freymore. Then you can easily tap on its squares to see what city or swamp or forest is where. (The red flag represents your current place.)
    So every time you get a quest and somebody says that 'go in this or that city or village or forest or anything'), just bring up the world map, check where you are and where is that area you have to go.
    If you get lost, just activate the compass in the game's Settings.
    And of course use the quest log if you forget something - tap on your face, then on the big circle icon in your inventory. That's the quest log.

    mjonesgraphics: Thanks! No, usually I don't feel any pressure to go to full 3D because you can give much more detail for a monster or anything else if you simply draw it in 2D with the usual old pixel art way. : ) Of course nowadays it's much easier to go full 3D with many polygons but somehow this old reaction is still in me - I mean, drawing everything with your own hand, not just putting some polygons and textures here and there.
    But I'll change, of course - I have to. : ) These old graphics have their own feeling and style but there is too much people out there who wants the full 3D bump-mapped wonders so I'll have to learn how to make good 3D models.

    spiffyone: thanks for the detailed info, I'll drop this to our programmer today and we'll see what can we do!

    syaman: the info I gave to Tunawrap above should be good for you too! Use the map, the world map, the compass and the quest log to remember anything you need.

    nuclearpunkrocket: always when you exit the game it saves automatically, that's for sure, so next time you'll be right where you left it. But of course if you want simply save the game every time you finish a quest. : ) That's not a big deal, there are about 50-60 quests in the game so you have to save only 50-60 times. : )

    SydneyS: the mortar is in the garden of the city Vastares. (If you can't find this area, go to the world map as stated above and tap on the areas around Vastares, you'll find it easily.) Then simply just tap on the floor or on any objects you can find anywhere in that garden area. Hmm... to use a metaphor, it's like finding a needle in a haystack. : )

    yankjenets: huh, currently I can't remember how to get more info about smuggling so in this case I can't help...
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    I haven't really had any problem with the way the game controls. I've only played in portrait mode, but they work very well.

    Also, asking for a game like this lower than $5.99 is rediculous. The market value of a game like this is easily $19.99. Look at how much Etrian Odyseey was when it came out. Look at how much it's worth now.

    I know the graphics look outdated compared to some of the top DS or PSP titles, but that does not mean the game is worth peanuts. The gameplay you get from this game far exceeds most of the more mainstream titles I've seen.
  14. nuclearpunkrocket

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    thanks, I'll definitely be doing this more often.

    it's a hell of a game, I get too busy playing it to remember to save, that's how you know its good.
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    ok, i found the card game

    its so addicting!!!!!!!

    i wish you got to choose which class to play...

    also, a possible improvement is that the little box on the bottom left that appears when you're facing an enemy/npc looks kinda ugly... i think it could be improved a little..
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    thanks for the tip about escaping I also figured out a few more tricks that I'll share with u guys.
    1) this is probably the best solution, just poison them and keep on running away. eventually they will die just from following u.
    2) in the quet where u have to fix the smell (which I don't know how to do if someone wants to help me), there Is a secret exit, if you go out the secret exit then your enemies will wait for u in the cemetary.
    3)in one of the cities, idr it's name, there's a back entrence that you need to pay 50 bucks to go in, but it loses them.
    4) you can cast a paralyze spell and run awa

    I think those are the best ways to lose those unwanted baddies.
  17. Myrobotwillneverdie

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    Can someone elighten me about the enchantments, and AC?
    I've never played an RPG this in depth. Thanks
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    I have a few questions...
    Do you have to press the button every time you move a single step forward or can you "hold" it to continuously move in one direction?
    How is the size of the map, amount of NPC's and towns?
    Is it fun to just explore and mess around?
    Is the world captivating and absorbing (a la Oblivion)?

    Thanks, I'm leaning towards a purchase, answers to these would seal the deal. Thanks for your forum activity as well devs!
  19. jawslover

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    1.) You only have to press the button every time you step forward when you are in combat. When you are just exploring, you can hold it.
    2.) The map is HUGE for an iPhone game. It's about 1/2 to 3/4 the size of Morrowind's map. In there are about 3 or 4 different towns, each has a lot of NPCs and buildings.
    3.) Yes, it's very fun to just explore and see what you can find, there are alot of different locations that you can find randomly too.
    4.) The world is unique, there are TONS of sidequests, and the main quest is solid too, so, yes, I would say it is captiviating and absorbing.
  20. Mattman

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    Sounds great thanks for the quick reply!

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