Universal The Quest HD (By Redshift)

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  1. Unstablefan

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    Feb 22, 2013
    Alright gang, I need some tips and resources to get back into the game.

    When HD was first released I played a lot, a sort of battle mage dual wielding light weapons with buff magic in support. I took a long break when I started to have trouble with the main quest line, but there are now so many expansions that I want to get back into it.

    Here's the issue: I have no idea where I left off or what most items in my inventory even do! I'm level 13, I've explored every inch of the western continent and been to major cities in the east, but am considering exploring every inch of the east to get some XP and see what I might have missed. Current quests:

    Main Mission
    Treasure Island
    Mithril for the Blacksmith
    Enter the Undead city

    I think I tried to do Mithril but the...witches?...outside the mountain are too strong for me to handle.

    Any links to tips, guides to the game, wikis that are actually up to date, message boards, etc. would be much appreciated!

    When I finally do beat the game, what order should expansions be done in?

  2. DeNappa

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    Oct 1, 2013
    Started a game this weekend. Are there good ways to earn gold? I'm level 7 or 8, and treks into the wilderness to kill or explore stuff doesn't really seem to pay off much.

    So I'm frequently finding myself raising some more cash playing the card game in the Vastares tavern for 200gp bets (I can win fairly reliably), but that does get boring after a while.

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