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    I posted 4 competitions and soon realized that prize games here have a serious problem because of a few members who will do anything to cheat and in fact joined TA just to win prizes by cheating. The whole spirit and fun of competition has been lost and most members don’t even want to participate in a competition that is not fair. I think we can bring this back again fast. We can restrict play to only those TA members who love playing games, who love to compete and who respect other members. This is how it can start. There are a number of seasoned members here who know other members personally or through numerous communications in these forum, PM, email, skype etc., in other words they know them enough to recommend them. We can create a list of players who are privilege to compete for prizes and to get into the group you have to be recommended by someone who is in the group. It will start small but will grow. I as a developer would be willing to offer cash prizes on new games regardless of the numbers playing. There will be no requirements to post reviews just play and give some honest feedback on the game, negative is very welcomed because it helps to my team to modify the game or improve future games . I am sure many developers offering prizes would be happy to restrict play to those members only. To help maintain the honesty of the games I will produce some code that will help to weed out those who cross the line and present them to the senior players who will make the final decision. Those are my thoughts. If you feel it has merit we can start. My office can supply the man power until someone here decides they want to take the responsibility of maintain the list of names.

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