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    Sep 15, 2012
    Hi, I'm the developer of [app]The Reel Machine[/app].



    The most realistic Slot Machine!

    See demo at http://reelmachine.999s.info

    "Vegas Baby, Vegas! That’s what you’ll get with “The Reel Machine”, a realistic slot machine for the iPhone and iPod touch."

    - EverythingiCafe.com

    "A classic that’s the center of Vegas, several versions have been made yet this one stands out [...] Much thanks to Chris who found this great app for me, this app’s quality, performance and graphics (especially graphics), have really surprised me. Normally I’m not one for slots games [...] but this app got me playing for a pretty long time"

    - iPwnAge.com


    - Pull the lever to spin reels, or tap the Spin button

    - Cash out anytime - coins go into tray

    - Bet by inserting cashed out coins into coin slot - using your finger!

    - Automagically re-insert cashed out coins by double tapping the coin slot

    - Get 3 *MACHINE* symbols on the pay line & win credits big time with the *REEL WHEEL* spinning before your eyes

    - International Top Scores ticker

    - Submit your own credit score for the world to see

    - Bet up to 3 credits

    - One pay line

    - Turn on/off reels spinning tune

  2. Claudius999

    Claudius999 Member

    Sep 15, 2012

    Free now for a limited time!

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