The Monkey King AR Game

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Introducing the world’s first Monkey King Augmented Reality Mobile Game App! In this "Silver Edition" of The Monkey King…
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Introducing the world’s first Monkey King Augmented Reality Mobile Game App! In this "Silver Edition" of The Monkey King: The Adventure Begins, Sun Wukong joins with three other characters inspired by the classic Chinese tale - Buffalo King, Jade Emperor and Rock Monster. Other legendary characters and immersive interactive features will be added in later Gold and Platinum editions. Players choose their “avatar” and using each character’s special skills, try to defeat their opponents on a quest to Five Finger Mountain. They acquire new skills and features and earn bonus points along the way. In AR Mode, 3-Dimensional characters can be pitted against each other on any flat service. Control the action from any angle or point of view with a 360 degree view of each of the “battle arenas”. This multi media game is challenging and fun in either format. It is best played on the latest generation of larger screen iPads and IPhones. Features include: • World-wide player Leader Board updated in real time • Game add-ons and characters available for purchase. • Regular Additions and Updates – including image recognition features  • Vibrant Social Network • Original music • Coppa compliant Compatible with and best played on the iPad Pro series 3rd generation and up (12.9 or 11 inch screen) or iPad Mini 5 or later. For iPhone players the Pro Max 13 is the best choice (has highest refresh rate and best for game animation); also the other larger screen iPhones: Pro Max series 12, 11 or XS with latest software update. App requires iOS 11.0 or later so before you play the game for the first time make sure your device has the most recent updated software (iOS 15 or iPad iOS 15) to make your gaming experience the best it can be. Languages Available: English and Chinese. Devices will automatically determine the language based on your OS settings.
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Release:Nov 23, 2021
Updated:Nov 23, 2021
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