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    Apr 29, 2010
    In German, “bau” is the meaning of “construction”;“ma”is the meaning of “machine, equipment”. When they are put together, it is absolutely not the meaning of “BMW”, but also not the combination of initial letter from five words. Let alone a created name without foundation. On the contrary, it has the exact and simple meaning---engineering machinery. “bauma” is the engineering machinery exhibition which undergoes for more than 50 years in Europe. Bauma China is the extent of this brand in Asia market. From 2002, it supplies the best purchasing chance for the international buyer. Meanwhile, it also creates the show room for China enterprises. What’s more, it becomes the endsville professional exhibition in the Asian-Pacific region.
    For that, Yifan Machinery takes part in the exhibition actively which is held in Shanghai from Nov.23 to Nov.26 in 2010. At that time, Yifan Machinery will show many new type products. We believe this exhibition will bring more business chances for Yifan Machinery.

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