Universal The Little Plane That Could.

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    title: The Little Plane That Could
    link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/the-little-plane-that-could/id946579610?ls=1&mt=8
    author: Abraham Stolk
    platform: iPad/iPhone with OpenGL-ES3. (5S and up.)
    price at launch: $2.99 or equivalent.
    homepage: http://stolk.org/tlptc/
    game center: leader boards and achievements.


    The Little Plane That Could is a simulation of biplane combat.
    This game let's you test your piloting skills in massive aerial battles with up to 60 planes in a single big dog fight for dominance.

    Like Abraham's previous games, the game's strongest point is the simulation.
    All planes, be it AI or player, are properly simulated and nothing is faked.
    The AI pilots have the exact same input controls as the player has.
    And kills are exact: bullet flight paths are simulated, so a hit is a real hit, no fuzzy scoring by using proximity hits, or by magically guiding bullets.

    The game comes with multiple missions (all single player) that range from landing practice to full blown war between 4 factions.



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