Android The Last Planets - Online/Offline, Hard, Physics Based, Multiplayer game

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    Play Store link:

    Hey, this is a game assembled by an indie developer and by an awesome sound designer, that you can play both with your friends or other people Online or Offline

    No P2W (Pay To Win)
    No Microtransactions based
    ⌚ No Advertising

    This is intended to be a Free Game to try it, with one unique purchase to Unlock it Completely.
    Inside there are 3 types of purchases:
    1 to Unlock the Full game for you
    1 to Unlock the Full game for you and 1 more friend
    1 to Unlock the Full game for you and 3 more friends

    Obviously, if you buy the boxes with the higher prices, less you and your friends will pay the single game activation.
    If you want to support this kind of development, thanks in advance.

    This is an ♾️ infinite and endless run, adventure, arcade, action, 2D/3D,
    Online / Offline, Multiplayer, physics based, space and planets exploring game, with some RPG and soulslike features.
    So you can play Online in Multiplayer with your friends or other people and you will need to cooperate with the whole community to unlock game contents.
    So grab or make new friends to explore the hidden areas of the game...

    Take part to this ♾️ infinite and endless progression through the dangers of this universe, controlling some planets that are shattered from a great explosion produced somewhere...

    Search ahead through the galaxies and the ⏳ spacetime to meet and understand some secrets about this part of the galaxy...

    Meet other planets like you to follow the path to a misterious place where an ancient battle, called the ☀️ "Great Shatter", was fought...

    "There will be a time where we will meet again...", a voice inside your thoughts... ☄️

    The lore of the game:

    In this game you can discover the story of some planets of Ordron. Their story is full of dangers and vicissitudes and you could know more about only dealing the concealed galaxies in the universe.

    You are a planet with an own life essence, in your wandering you will find other planets that will make you understand the peril that is about to loom in this part of the universe. You don't have any memory of your past, but you know that you are linked with something that is attracting you.

    The stories tell of ancient battle, a big explosion of decades ago in your understanding. No sure about the parts involved, the reasons and where happened, but this is the story the old planets like to share and teach to the young ones. However now there are not so much of ancient entities in this universe to remember the full story and the truth behind, but if someone finds well... he can find who got it.

    But you have lost your memory unluckily, and the only way to recover it... is to explore..."

    The Last Planets Features:

    ❌ No Ads or Pay To Win
    ✔️ Online Multiplayer
    ✔️ Physics
    ✔️ "Difficult" game, not compatible with the most of people...
    ✔️ Can be played Offline or Online
    ✔️ Easy to play, hard to master
    ✔️ Accounts portability to other devices
    ✔️ Planets customization and upgrades
    ✔️ Achievements
    ✔️ Quests
    ✔️ Storyline
    ✔️ Online rankings "Community Based" (no need to be first if none cooperates)
    ✔️ Skill based
    ✔️ Account level progression
    ✔️ Planets level progression
    ✔️ Planets to unlock
    ✔️ Obstacles and asteroids to avoid and bonuses to get
    ✔️ Large variety of music and sound effects by Marco Marocco <3
    ✔️ Space exploration

    ✔️ Android 4.4 KitKat
    ✔️ 1GB of RAM
    ✔️ 96MB of Disk Space
    ✔️ LetsEncrypt Certificate - for older Android devices. The Tutorial is inside.

    Every ️ feedback is appreciated and welcome to improve the game.

    If you want, you can support our ‍‍‍ communities on:
    Play Store

    Thanks for reading and cya inside...

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