The Ice-Bound Concordance

WINNER: IndieCade 2014, "Best Story/World Design"
FINALIST: Independent Games Festival 2015, "Excelle…
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WINNER: IndieCade 2014, "Best Story/World Design"
FINALIST: Independent Games Festival 2015, "Excellence in Narrative"

The Ice-Bound Concordance is an award-winning indie game with cutting-edge interactive story technology, enhanced by a printed book using augmented reality. Inspired by the mysterious fiction of writers like Borges and books like House of Leaves, the story will take you deep into the frozen ruins of a sinking polar research base.

“[I]nteractive fiction's gone some daring places in the last few years... [this] is one of the most ambitious projects I've seen.” —Rock Paper Shotgun

When a digital simulation of a long-dead author is created to complete his final masterpiece, a story of explorers trapped in at the end of the world, the player must help by exploring hundreds of permutations of these famous stories. By conversing with the troubled A.I. and rearranging his fragmented stories, you'll decide how (and if!) his novel should end. A logic-driven combinatorial narrative system allows the player's input to shape the story in a way completely unlike most story-based games.

The game takes on a new dimension when combined with the physical printed book "The Ice-Bound Compendium." This full-color 80-page art book drives the game forward by unlocking new levels and new pieces of the A.I. writer's past. Seen through the iPad camera, pages come alive via augmented reality technology, inscribed with new layers of secrets. Find out how to get the book at

**NOTE: Our app was designed to work with the printed edition of The Ice-Bound Compendium. However, it is possible to complete the game using the sample pages available at
Genre:Adventure, Role Playing
Release:Jan 21, 2016
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