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    Hi everyone,

    I'd like to introduce our latest app: The Extreme Sports App. It launches on November the 1st.

    We have developed this with Extreme International and it's an amazing real world, socially connected, sport tracking app. Think of it like a cycle computer, or Nike+ but with a whole lot more going on!

    Check out some of the features:
    • It supports 44 extreme sports, from skateboarding to skiing, 4x4 driving to skydiving.
    • It records your GPS, Speed, Distance, Altitude, Incline, Descent, and Rotations
    • When you record a session you win Awards: Badges, Trophies and Titles
    • You can win and lose awards to other app users, so you'd better be extreme otherwise someone will take your awards!
    • Check In to places to earn awards
    • Global highscore boards, country scoreboards, and sport scoreboards
    • Find places to ride, skate, ski, drive, bungee + more near you
    • Keep track of your activities with the log
    • Each session has a summary showing you huge amounts of info about your activity: max speed, max rotations and rotation breakdown, distance covered + loads more!

    Of course, you don't have to compete. You can use all the tools to measure your extreme sport sessions without signing up - but what's the fun in that? Sign up, and compete against the world!!

    More info coming soon, and always the latest info at Watch this space and feel free to ask any questions.

    Some teaser screenshots:

    Welcome Screen:

    Profile Screen:

    In Session Screen:

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