The best solution to satisfy both premium and freemium gamers?

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    What,in your opinion,is the best solution to satisfy both and make enough profit?
    I've been thinking about few things and here is a bunch of ideas that comes to my mind:

    1) Sounds pretty dumb but the company might as well make a freemium game first and after a little while with all their cash make a great quality premium game (after all,premium MUST have a certain advantage over the freemium games,at least the minor one like...I don't know...wastes much less time,barely gets boring and has a LOT of replay value,KOTOR/Aralon is one of the best examples,I've replayed them like 5 times already)

    2) This one is mainly about premium - company might as well release their game on some console/pc and then with all the cash that they've made port it on ios (best examples are rich,really rich companies that don't even loose anything by porting their games on mobile devices like Rockstar,2K,Capcom)

    3) This one is also mainly about premium - company might as well release their game on Steam/Mac first and then release it on Mobile just cause of pity or cause the developers are used to make their games on ios like Foursaken/Banshee Soft (the great developer who made Mission Europa - one of the best if not the best fps rpg on mobile devices and really nice rpg Necromancer rising,he is currently making Mission Europa 2) /the guy who's developing barren roads / Waz (the one that made one of the best roguelikes on mobile devices - WazHack,his game got the fame on both Steam and mobile devices thanks to Yogcast and the unique genre of the game)

    My main question is that premium games must have a certain advantage over freemium games , it must be something that makes people create premium games , something that makes them do that and not just profit intention.

    What is your opinion about this?I know that I might seem foolish but I'm not trying to continue an idiotic argument made by Hitmanb , I just wanna see what do you think about my idea and what would you do if you was a developer?
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    A well-balanced freemium. But im usually not getting those anymore unless they prove to be really good.

    The problem with a well balanced freemium, is that most wont spend anything. Unless the devs get lucky and get lots of people to like their game, they're screwed.

    Im just really glad that 2015 hosts a horde of fantastic premium titles.

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