The Art of Murder

Michael Berlyn
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Reviewed in Laptop Magazine! As engaging as a book, as visceral as a movie, a Flexible Tale™ comes to life with the tap of your finger. From the authors of award-winning interactive fiction and novels comes a new way of telling stories. No longer limited to the printed word on the page or the requirement to read one page after another, a Flexible Tale blossoms to life like a flower in the sun. With each person, place, object, or concept you explore, the story grows. You discover the story as you experience it, not in a linear, page-by-page path. As the lead detective, you will: - See, read about, and interact with the cast of characters, each with their own motive and agenda. - Explore locations that are threaded throughout the story, linked by the murder. - Question witnesses; determine which are suspects, then follow-up on the evidence that connects them to the murder. - Enter items into evidence and read and analyze the crime lab reports that detail a trail of deceit and violence. Present your case to the D.A. who will do his best to get a conviction, but his success is up to you and your investigative talent. Requirements: Read. Think. Tap.
Seller:Michael Berlyn
Genre:Adventure, Puzzle
Release:Jul 20, 2012
Updated:Aug 15, 2017
Size:58.4 MB
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