Universal The Ancients AR (by Immersion)

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    The Ancients AR

    Rogue Games
    Lead the mighty alliance of the Ancients – powerful gigantic creatures and the people behind them – to victory! Wage fer…
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    Lead the mighty alliance of the Ancients – powerful gigantic creatures and the people behind them – to victory! Wage ferocious sea battles, commanding a fleet of diverse ships, and tactically using the magical powers of the Ancients! These extremely powerful giants will help you defeat the invaders. Make them cast lightning bolts and fireballs, freeze the enemy’s ships or summon a fire-spitting flying dragon! Enhance their legendary skills further to crush the opponent’s fleet. The Ancients AR is one the first real-time strategy games for ARKit, combining its unique capabilities with stunning art and graphics, exciting gameplay and a compelling storyline. The game requires great leadership, a variety of tactical skills, but also a great amount of dexterity to effectively lead your ships. The player is given a wide selection of options and tactical choices which can lead to victory. Play the game in AR Mode and view the battlefield - a piece of the ocean – on your own desk or living room floor, and experience sea battles more realistically than ever before! Show off your amazing victories on social media through videos and images! #AncientsAR Key Features: - Real-time strategy mechanics put players in the heart of the action, - Stunning special effects make the most of augmented reality, - Epic sea battles rage on as players cast the Ancient’s arcane magic, - High-quality graphics and crisp sound bring the Ancients to life
    Seller:Rogue Games
    Release:May 15, 2018
    Updated:Jun 26, 2018
    Size:1.0 GB
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    Compatibility:HD Universal

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    The teaser looked epic and I've been wondering how that translated into gameplay. Would be interested to hear more about the depth on the game and progression. Also, sounds like AR is optional? ("Play the game in AR mode") That would be nice to allow me to play when AR isn't feasible.
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    Hey there! I'm Kat, the Community Manager for The Ancients AR. Thank you for posting our game in this forum!

    Hi there! Thanks for checking out our game! AR mode is optional, so you can game on the go with ease. :)
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    Does the game have cloud saving? So I can play the same profile on multiple devices?
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    Great RTS, and AR mode is very good, but the game can be completed in two-three hours
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