The 3 Best 20-quart Coolers For Your Upcoming Trips

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    A cooler, a chilly bin (New Zealand), an icebox, a portable ice chest, an esky (Australia) or cool box, are some substitutes to name an insulated box that keeps things (usually food and drinks) cold with some ice cubes or ice packs inside.

    Since Richard C. Laramy invented the portable ice chest in 1951 and Coleman company popularized it in 1954, the portable cooler has been an essential part of any journey. These portable coolers ease your worries about keeping foods and drink fresh during your day trips, road trips, picnics, or fishing. Below are the top three best 20-quart coolers, which are medium-sized and fit any trunk.

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    1. RTIC 20-quart Cooler

    RTIC coolers are quite outstanding in the US market with five available sizes: 20-quart, 45-quart, 65-quart, 110-quart, 145-quart. The RTIC 20 is always rated as the best 20-quart cooler by numerous customers around the world. Besides, it costs about $150.00 on Amazon at the moment.

    It is outperforming in the primary function in keeping ice up to 10 days, just like a portable freezer. This unit can keep your food and drink longer than average with its enormous capacity, which is a 24-can size excluding ice. It is designed with cool-lift technology, which keeps your cooler above the hot surface to maximize its cooling function. Moreover, heavy-duty rope handles are built for easy one-hand carrying.

    This strong-built product is based on high-quality technology: It is manufactured with roto-molded construction technology, which makes it virtually indestructible. There are attached heavy-duty rubber T-latches, which smooth the closure without trouble. Moreover, it comes with molded tie-down slots to firmly anchor your cooler, and non-slip feet to hold it in place.

    This 20-quart unit is a great personal cooler with multiple uses. Keep your things fresh for daily use, at work, for hunting, fishing, camping from one day to a week.

    It comes with excellent extra features: Some following special services make it the top choice in coolers. An integrated locking system keeps your contents cold and safe in any case. A bear-resistant design is built to save your cooler from bears and other animals. Moreover, there is a rapid V-drain system that allows quick draining and eases the cleaning.


    2. Orca 20 -quart cooler

    The Orca cooler is usually compared to the YETI model because both of them are premium brands in the market of cooler. Although Orca is relatively new, being founded in 2012 (while YETI was born in 2006), it has gained a significant market segment, and is desirable against other long-established players.

    It is firmly and resiliently constructed with roto-molded polyethylene, which has been proven to maximize ice retention and cold keeping. The Orca cooler’s whole body is built with a single shell, which makes it solid as a rock and creates more durability without any weak points to be broken over time. It also comes with a thick lid gasket to provide an excellent seal to lock the hot air outside and strengthen ice life.

    All the integrated components, including latches, hinges, and bolts, are made up of high-quality materials. The thick rubber latches provide the highest durability, no matter many open-and-close cycles. The steel hinge beam is dense and stubborn. To prove the quality of its products, Orca offers a limited lifetime warranty for their coolers, including this 20-quart model.

    Orca offers extraordinary performance in ice retention compared to other cooler brands. It helps to hold ice up to ten days. Therefore, you can save money on ice and keep your things fresh for holiday trips.

    It is made in the USA, which is different from other competing products. For example, YETI hard-sided coolers are made in the Philippines, the US, and their soft-sided coolers are from China. Meanwhile, RTIC coolers are manufactured in China. At the time of this reading, it is quoted a $199.00 on [​IMG].

    3. YETI Roadie 20 Cooler Desert

    It must be short if YETI Roadie is excluded in this top list. YETI is an elite brand of coolers and other outdoor gear. The Roadie 20-quart cooler is the smallest hard cooler in the YETI product family but is full of features of its original version – the Tundra.

    Ice retention: if you want to hold ice for up to a 5-day trip, the YETI Roadie is a perfect choice for you. The thick insulation with FatWall Design and correctly sealed lid helps to optimize the ice retention for your trip. Moreover, there is a freezer-quality gasket, moving around the length of the lid to get the heat outside and shut in the cold. Therefore, it keeps your food and beverage fresh from 7 to 12 days without any issues.


    Durability: This feature makes YETI products well-known in this competitive market, and the YETI Roadie is no exception. You will never mind the longevity of this cooler because the company makes it with the best quality material and the roto-molded construction technology, which armor it to the core and makes it virtually indestructible. The NeverFail hinge System, which consists of two pins and interlocking format, enhances the durability of the hinge and protects it from cracking. The T-Rex heavy-duty rubber lid latches and the double haul handles are integrated for extra longevity. These are the reasons why YETI offers a 5-year guarantee for their products.

    Great variety of extra features:

    • It comes with a certified bear-resistant feature that protects your contents from bears.
    • BearFoot non-slip feet keep your YETI fixed at one place.
    • AnchorPoint molded tie-down is built for mounting easily to a boat or truck bed.
    • Vortex drain system leakproof is for quick and easy draining.
    The drawback of this durable and high-quality Roadie is that it is quite heavy due to its sustainable materials. And it costs you more than other products with the same size. At the time of this review, its price was $200.00 on Amazon.

    The Bottom Line

    It is hassling to pick the best cooler for your upcoming trips when it comes to searching for one because there is a numerous variety of options on the market. The three best 20-quart coolers from RTIC, ORCA, and YETI brands as above are small but mighty.

    They would be one of the best accompaniments to make your trips more exciting and fresher. At the time of [​IMG] Best ice cooler reviews, all of them were priced over $150.00 on Amazon. It could be a fortune to some users, but do not let the upfront cost scare you. These strong-built and high-quality coolers will serve you for years and decades.
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