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Are you ready for a trivia game whose questions are different than all the others? That Ain't It! questions have a uni…
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Are you ready for a trivia game whose questions are different than all the others? That Ain't It! questions have a unique and challenging format. You get a topic w/ four answers. Three true answers fit the topic, and your mission is to pick the one false answer that doesn't fit. How about a game show that tracks your cumulative winnings? Starting with 1 dollar, you can go from rags to riches by answering all 10 questions correctly and joining the Millionaire Club. Don't forget to use your lifelines in your pursuit of a million dollars! Think you're smart? Compare yourself vs over 100 trivia peers around the world to see how you rank. After you master the Game Show mode by winning 0,000, you will unlock Speed Trivia. You'd better free your mind as you try to correctly answer as many questions as possible in two minutes. Only the smartest and fastest will be able to break through one million dollars in Speed Trivia. FEATURES: • 1111 questions • 8 categories: World, Media, Culture, Nature, Words, Science, Sports, U.S. History • 3 difficulty levels • 2 different games: Game Show and Speed Trivia • 30 seconds per question in Game Show mode • 2 global high score boards • 6 different player profiles • Fireworks animations • Options to display correct answer on miss, spin the wheel or not, and turn off music and sound effects • No internet connection required to play • Incorporates a minimize repeats (MR) algorithm to reduce the chance of repeated questions • Universal - graphics optimized for iPhone, iPhone 4, and iPad USER FEEDBACK AND REVIEWS: • "I can't just play one round and the questions are perfect for the levels" - Arthur DeTu, 10/3/09 • "This freekin' game is GREAT!" - Debuzz78grad, 10/3/09 • "Totally addicting! Worse than potato chips ... One of the best apps I have downloaded" - SheTurtle, 9/29/09 • "Well Done. Great interface, and fun campy style" - Dukester2000, 9/29/09 • "Best trivia game! Very few repeats! Addicting!" - ronzeno, 9/24/09 • "Great mind game, no repeats" - Brassman81, 9/19/09 • "Great game" - Vickie, 9/9/09 • "Best on app store" - iloveelvisyesido, 9/8/09 • "a superior trivia game aimed at real trivia buffs" -, 6/3/09. • "this app is definitely a change of pace from other trivia apps, the questions are great and the whole experience is very fun ... kudos to IMAK for breaking the cycle of trivia tedium." -, 5/11/09 DEMO: Game play videos on YouTube (search IMAKcreations)
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Updated:Feb 25, 2011
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