Android Tetrazzle ~ a classic puzzle with vitamins!

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    Jan 17, 2023
    Hi community!

    I want to share with you my new game:

    Welcome to Tetrazzle!

    The traditional and addictive puzzle to complete lines, but with much more! Enjoy the five game modes and the original visual styles.


    CLASSIC: The Tetris-like game mode of a lifetime, arrange the pieces to form lines and prevent the blocks from reaching the ceiling. Line counter, levels that increase speed and hold option. Try to beat your own high score!
    PUZZLE: A new way to play! Arrange the pieces to reveal the hidden image. No empty space can be left. Form lines to correct your mistakes and erase the wrongly placed blocks. Various levels and images!
    ARCADE: Every seven pieces a special effect! Displacement of the blocks to the right, to the left, one extra row, one less row, pentominoes, trominoes, dominoes and monominoes. A challenging mode!
    CHILL: A mode where only your skill matters! Without speeding up, in Chill mode you can go as far as your ability to fit blocks allows.
    MUTANT: Take your skills to another level! Play as in the classic mode but using all the pieces from 1 to 4 blocks. Thanks to the intelligent generator, the pieces appear in a balanced way to allow a comfortable gameplay.


    1989: A beautiful retro minimalist visual style based on the style of handheld console gameplay.
    KREMLIN: Comrade! Travel back in time with this game style of Soviet aesthetics.
    TV GAME: Relive the 80s with this NES-like visual style!
    GALAXY: A relaxing and modern visual style with space flair.
    BRICK GAME: 9999 in 1! with this visual style i revived the good old days of the 90's. Graphics and sounds 8 bits.

    All game modes and visual styles feature top-notch graphics and sound effects to ensure an addictive experience.

    Let's complete lines!



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