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    Hi all,
    I’m Vivien, the developer of Casa Designer for iPad.
    I’m developing an internet website using a new 3D technology (Webgl). I would be grateful for any feedback :

    I’m especially interested to know if:
    You see properly the 3D view of the apartments
    You manage to explore them in 3D and navigate smoothly
    What devices you’re using (smartphone, pc, mac, tablet, Ceefax...)
    Which browser do you use ? (firefox, safari, chrome, internet explorer…)

    The website being under construction, all suggestions are welcome (features, design)

    About the app:
    Casa Designer is a 3D build & design app which allows to create, furnish and decorate your home.

    The website goes with 2 major updates of the version 2.0 (not released yet):

    • Apartments shared and published in 3D on www.casa-designer.com
    • Sketchup compatibility to download items from the 3D Warehouse

    I have promos-codes available if you would like to try it out. Just register there: http://www.casa-designer.com/LogIn/SignUp/Beta






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