Test your control limits!! [ 9 Elements ]

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    Aug 31, 2013
    Actions overflowing Fight ball is coming up!

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    Search '9 ElementsÂ’ on the Google Play Store now!

    Get ready for the exciting 1 on 1, action sport! Characters of 9 different elements are waiting for your Fight Ball!

    Elements stone, which was holding the balance of the world started to lose its control.

    Be the chosen one to fight against the great power and protect Elements stone.

    Prepared for challenging adventures?

    Endlessly evolving opponents are waiting for you.

    Key Features:

    -Stages of fantasy world and 11 unique characters of 9 elements.

    -Over 300 sets&parts, complete customizing.

    -Splendid 2D graphics, stylish moves and skill effects.

    -FULL Frame By Frame character animation.

    -All in one control, your choice of control customizing.

    -Compatible with Google Play real-time multi play.

    -Arcade / Survival / Tournament / Arena Commander / And many Practicing mode.


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