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    Jul 25, 2013
    Hello again TA,

    Sometime soon this month(game is awaiting App Store approval) Terra Monsters 2, the follow-up to the open world creature capturing game Terra Monsters, will be released on iOS, Android, and even Windows phone.

    Now here is a block of text from our press kit describing the game:
    The player is quickly thrown into the midst of an ongoing conflict in the Afer region. With their newly discovered ability to bond with Terra Monsters, they must embark on an adventure of a lifetime exploring a massive open world with 10 regions, partake in explosive 3-vs-3 battles and capture and train 200 unique Terra Monsters.

    The player progresses through the game with a team of Terra Monsters, unlocking and assigning hundreds of new moves. This allows players to have their very own unique set of monsters and playing experience. They can play the game over and over without ever having the same playing experience as the previous one.

    The redesigned battle system is a remarkable upgrade from the previous. Its fast-paced 3-v-3 action keeps the user engaged and challenged throughout the entire battle. Terra Monster 2’s new attack animations, camera effects, and soon to be PVP multiplayer arena are huge upgrades for the creature capturing and battling game.

    Terra Monsters 2 will be free to download and play, supported by Ads. Removing the ads will cost $1.99.

    Below are some screenshots:

    And here is the gameplay trailer:

    As a relatively new game studio, I would like to think we have improved the game quite significantly from the first one. I'm looking forward to discussing the game with potential new players and returning players.
    A little more information can be found on www.terramonsters.com and our facebook page http://facebook.com/terramonsters

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