iPad Temple Rush - Slide and Match Puzzle with Multiplayer Battles

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    Hey TouchArcade users,

    I just wanted to let you know that my app, Temple Rush, was approved this morning and it's live in the AppStore.

    AppStore link:


    Temple Rush is the first iOS game to feature the “Slide-and-Match” gameplay and also the first iOS game to feature realtime online battles via Game Center in a marble matching game. Playing “match-3” just got to another level.

    Gameplay video:


    * Original “Slide-and-Match” gameplay - Temple Rush uses a new kind of marble control. It’s based on the super popular system used by the “15 puzzle”, designed in 19th century, and the modern color/shape matching system.

    * Online realtime battles via Game Center - You can play against friends or random opponents over the Internet in a two-minute battle. The one with the best score, when the timer reaches zero, will win. During the live game, players can block each other if they achieve multiple matches very quick (combos).

    * 64 custom-built single player levels - The game features 64 levels (with more coming soon) with unique objectives that will keep the player engaged and wanting for more.

    Beta feedback:

    As I write this, Temple Rush has 600+ upvotes on a website that features Pre-AppStore apps and games, making it one of the most popular games people want to try out. Some of the testers asked me to create more levels because they actually finished the game (before release).


    Some other useful links:

    * HD Video - http://www.templerushgame.com/video

    * Press Kit - http://www.templerushgame.com/presskit

    If you're interested in playing the game, please download it and send me feedback so I can improve it!
    Robert Neagu

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