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    Nov 21, 2010
    Ex-management consultant Johnny Wong and ex-investment banker Ken Ihara have teamed up to create an iPhone App for getting through long meetings.

    Their creation is a modern version of Buzzword Bingo – a favourite game of junior executives that has been played on paper for years.

    “We have over 20 years of corporate experience, and have been subject to our fair share of useless meetings,” Ken said. “This is the kind of diversion we wish we had when we were corporate slaves.”

    Their multi-player game, called Team BS Bingo (the original name was rejected by Apple on grounds of profanity), enables individuals, small groups or whole divisions to play buzzword bingo together without disrupting the meeting.

    Users who put in the same code are placed into the same game. Users who agree on a strong password can be confident that they will be playing amongst themselves. Users who use weaker passwords may be in for a surprise, and could be connected to another game being played on the other side of the world.

    Team BS Bingo has a chat function, so users can discreetly communicate with other work-mates without interrupting the presenter or the game.

    Team BS Bingo has a shiny red panic button “that should be only pressed when your career is falling off a cliff.”

    There are two versions of Team BS Bingo: (1) the Corporate Edition that sells on itunes for $0.99 and (2) the Investment Banking edition that sells on itunes for $49.

    “The Investment Banking edition has a gold background – that’s pretty much the only difference,” Ken said. “Bankers want the most expensive option. We are happy to provide that option.”

    Please see www.teambsbingo.com

    Johnny Wong
    Ex-management consultant (BCG, New York)
    San Francisco, United States

    Ken Ihara
    Ex-investment banker (Citigroup, London)
    Melbourne, Australia

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    Feb 12, 2010
    Games Programmer
    London, England
    I'm only just teaching my dad how to use email.
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    Oct 19, 2009
    Some might need to tell their mom!
    Can you customize and share particular boards as specific professions have their own buzzwords?

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