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    I'm working on a Turn Based Strategy game for Mobile (Android) and PC. It's a fast-paced tbs that tries to capture the essence of a strategy while avoiding micro-management. The reason I setup to create it is that I always wanted a tbs that I can play on my tablet while commuting or during quick breaks while coding. I'm releasing the game in stages (Alpha) in order to get feedback and make sure I nail the main mechanics before advancing to the next stage.
    [​IMG] | [​IMG]
    [​IMG] | [​IMG]

    It currently features:

    • A sandbox/free battle mode
    • 10 maps
    • 2 factions
    • 8 commanders (4 mutants, 4 robots) with different stats that affect unit performance
    • Player vs AI, Player vs Player, AI vs AI
    • Build-in level editor
    • Open source for non-commercial use (mostly to avoid people re-skinning the game and submitting it to the app store as is)

    Further down the road (in Alpha 2 and 3) I want to include a campaign mode in which the player takes director controls of the commanders (playable units) and async multiplayer.


    The game's website can be accessed here. I also have a few keys to the itch.io store to giveaway for the game but I cannot post them publicly as they are not tied to an account.

    The game costs 3.99E and you can get it for all the platforms (Android, Windows, Linux and Mac).
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    Unable to reach the website
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    The thread is 7 years old. The creator has most likely moved on.

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