Tavern Brawl - Tactics (by Nebulium Games)

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    Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nebuliumgames.tbt

    #Addicting Turn-based Tactical Game
    #Epic Heroes At Your Command
    #Fast-pace Whenever-wherever Battles

    Battle in the world of TAVERN BRAWL - TACTICS! Build up your own extraordinary team! All classical heroic roles are at your calling! Activate them all and prove your strength on the battlefield! DOWNLOAD now and play for free!
    Experience fast-paced battles with plenty of action and deep strategic gameplay!

    ▸Turn-based passionate battles with innovative interactions and extremely deep strategic gameplay
    ▸Activate many unique and varied heroes to master all kinds of powerful skills and abilities
    ▸Hexagon tactical gaming board allows creation of endless possibilities
    ▸Customize your team with tons of skill combinations
    ▸Explore different game modes and find the best way to layout teamwork
    ▸Encounter different challenges of opponents from all over the world in real-time
    ▸Fast-pace game on mobile device allows you to conquer whenever and wherever
    ▸Share your ideas and experiences with other players for more

    - New heroes
    - Exciting events
    - Regular updates and adjustments based on your feedback and suggestions
    Have any questions, issues or advice for TBT from Nebulium Games?
    Reach us at: support@nebulium.com
    Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TavernBrawlTactics
    Note: This game requires an Internet connection.


  2. NEW UPDATE! (Replay, Avatars and more!)

    HEY! NEW UPDATE! Come on and let me tell you what's new!
    - Replay! Watch replays from top brawlers and share your replays with friends! Record your peak moment and show it!
    - Avatars! You can finally choose your own avatars now. So you can choose any unlocked hero you like as avatar!
    - Obstacles(Barriers) now block range attacks. So now officially range attacks can go through nothing. It's only reasonable, isn't it?
    - Obstacles are no longer indestructible. Getting into your way? Trapped and no way out? Just break it!
    - Add obstacles to the 'Crystal Mine' Tavern. Oh the beautiful crystals...so fragile!
    - Add switch buttons to turn on/off background music and SFX. Yeah, this means no more turn off the whole sound of device!
    - Move concede button to the emote panel. No wasting precious time waiting!
    - Optimize disconnection logic. Less broken hearts due to "disconnected defeat"!
    - General bug fix. As always, please let us know if you encounter any bug in this version. We'll be on it ASAP.
    That's all for this update, please enjoy!!
  3. Arena Mode & New opening line-up and more!

    YES! The latest update is available now! Come on and see what's new in this version!
    - New feature: Arena Mode! Challenge opponents with customized teams and win rewards! And by customized I mean take turns to choose random cards for your team and also your opponent's, which means no more old same team repeatedly!
    - A new way to choose your opening line-up. Now you and your opponent can take turns picking heroes. It gives you chance to choose opening heroes based on your opponent's choice!
    - Shard store! Buy heroes' shards directly in the store. Want some heroes very badly? Just buy'em!
    - Changes of hero’s stats and abilities. All for a more balanced gameplay!
    - More heroes’ voices in battle. Aliver! If this is a word...
    - Bug fixes.
    That's it for this update. Thanks a lot and please let us know if there's anything odd, we'll handle it in the first place. Enjoy!

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