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Tappy Tree is a fun idle clicker game where you Tap or click to plant virtual Trees while helping to plant REAL ones! D…
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Tappy Tree is a fun idle clicker game where you Tap or click to plant virtual Trees while helping to plant REAL ones! Download for free today and Tap Tap Tap! GAME PLAY FEATURES ● Tap and click to plant in game Trees ● Tap faster for Tree multipliers and clicker bonuses ● Are you a consistent clicker? Tap at a steady rate for prizes. ● Use Strategy. Redeem Trees for Environment Earth Credits ● You need to grow your Trees to earn levels... ● But require Earth Credits to hire Tree Planters ● A variety of Tree Planters plant forests of trees for you while you are idle or offline ● They plant faster while you are Tapping or Clicking ● Use Power Ups to increase Tree planting production ● This includes planting from Tapping, Idle Mining, and when you are offline ● Heads Up When you hear the Squirrel. Tap to catch it and play the frenzy fall mini game ● Unlock Themes. New Trees, environments, and music ● NEW: Free Christmas Tree / Xmas Holiday Seasonal Theme! ● Earn achievements for additional trees, planters, Earth Credits, and bonuses ● Click to share screen shots and clicker / tapping achievement badges with your friends ● Who is the best Tree Clicker or the fastest Tapper? ● Clicking and Tapping can be a great way to pass the time, relax and unwind anxiety. ● Endless Idle Clicker Fun! REFORESTATION FEATURES ● As a Tree Tapper, you help us support reforestation projects around the world. ● 5% to 15% of all Revenue from Tappy Tree is used to Plant Real Trees! ● Players can play Tappy Tree for free or purchase add on content. ● Ads are reward based, non intrusive, and optional. ● Our environmental reforestation partner is One Tree Planted. We donate to them. They facilitate the planting. ● Help fight climate change and plant real Trees. ● Help Grow, protect and reforest areas like the Amazon Rain forest. ● Trees and forest areas help the environment. Now playing a game does too! ● Become a Reforestation idle clicker Tycoon! ● More Details: www.TappyTree.com/#realtrees Thanks you for supporting and playing Tappy Tree! Welcome to a new kind of Idle Clicker Game that helps the environment and the planet by supporting reforestation. Tap Tap fun for the whole family. It's a better way to Play! Start Playing for free today, and Happy Tapping!
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Release:Sep 04, 2019
Updated:Dec 18, 2019
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