Universal Tap Rising - It's raining cats & BLOCKS! ( Coming Soon )

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    Aug 31, 2013
    Hello, I'm Indie developer of Leinus.

    We have made few games so far,

    such as 9 Elements : Action Fight Ball, Blow Hockey, and Snappy chicks series.

    You can easily find them on either iOS or Android.

    Check them out if you get interested :)


    Today I'm here to introduce our new game, Tap Rising.

    You can probably guess by it's name,

    and yes, your goal is to reach the highest you can.


    We tried to make it simple, and we're desperate to make it unique.

    Combining dots and parts animation - we've been through lot of trial errors.

    And I'm here to show our efforts.


    Tap Rising has simple control, but has many variables to overcome.

    Don't let the Blocks block your way, defeat the boss and reach the top!

    If your control is one of kind, you may choose harder modes to show'em off.

    (we have normal, hard, and hell mode- even I can't go far in hell mode, can you?)

    There are hidden mode of boss raid too, hope you can find it!


    We have bunch of characters,

    it'll be fun just watching them playing different actions.

    how about a sneak preview with Upcoming game trailer?

    Tap Rising is now waiting for review !!

    So please cheer for us, Tap Rising is coming really soon:)

    And I'd really appreciate any feedback you have!

    Thank you so much reading!!

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