Tap Rising - It's raining cats & BLOCKS ( by Leinus )

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    Aug 31, 2013
    Hello, I'm Indie developer of Leinus.

    Today I'm here to introuce our new game, Tap Rising.

    You can probably guess by it's name,

    and yes, your goal is to reach the highest you can.

    We tried to make it simple, and we're desperate to make it unique.

    And I'm here to show our efforts.

    Google Play Store

    Tap your way up to the unlimited height.

    The big scary Block.K has kidnapped your princess,

    and all of the sudden, blocks started to fall from sky!

    Chase the Block.K over the universe and set unbreakable record.

    Key Features:
    - Easy control of just 2 buttons
    - Everyplay support, record your play and share
    - Adorable dots graphics characters
    - Over 50 characters, quick unlocks
    - Difficulty adjustment (normal, hard, hell)
    - Night mode able for sore eyes.
    - Hidden boss raid mode


    I'd really appreciate any feedback you have!

    Thank you so much reading!!

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