iPhone Tap Reef - Raise a Virtual Community of Sea Animals

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    Ahoy landlubbers! Feast your eyes on Tap Reef by JIRBO, an astonishing 3D social aquatic experience coming to the iPad!

    If you thought owning a virtual fish tank was awesome, just wait until you dive into your very own 3D REEF!

    Starting with a bare reef and a couple of Clownfish, you must cultivate a thriving community of sea species, from Blue Tang to Bottlenose Dolphins. Feed, breed and sell your animals back to the Tap Reef market to grow your wealth, or keep your fish forever as your personal pets.



    • $5.00 worth of pearls included for FREE!

    • Dozens of common fish to choose from, plus beautiful, exotic marine life including sharks, whales, manta rays, jellyfish and sea turtles

    • Full Facebook integration – invite your Facebook friends into Tap Reef, or just brag by posting pictures of your reef on your wall

    • Personalize your fish with customizable fish names

    • Watch your fish fall in love and follow each other around your Reef

    • Gorgeous 3D graphics - realistic marine environments and underwater animal animations

    • Dynamic marketplace with custom Sand dollar and Pearl currencies

    • Regular updates with new species and content


    Sign up for the Tap Reef newsletter at tapreef.com to know right when the game launches!

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