Tap Bingo

Christopher Torio
Play BINGO with a group using only your iPhones or iPads (paper cards and cage not required). Download Tap BINGO and ex…
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Play BINGO with a group using only your iPhones or iPads (paper cards and cage not required). Download Tap BINGO and experience a more convenient way to play BINGO. Download the app in your phone or tablet for free and play a wholesome BINGO game with your family during family nights, or with your friends or co-workers during a party setting. Spend the whole afternoon with your buddies, or even by yourself while competing with virtual players and earn virtual coins! When using the Tap BINGO app, you can join a BINGO session as a 1. Player (you can use up to 3 cards per device) 2. Caller (no card, calls the numbers only) 3. Caller & Player (calls the numbers and plays at the same time) 4. Virtual Player (compete with virtual players for virtual coins) With Tap BINGO, Players can easily daub (mark) multiple cards with just one tap. If the Caller permits transmission of numbers to Player devices, daub assist is readily available. If you're a Caller & Player, the app auto daubs your card for efficiency. It also locks all the uncalled numbers to prevent accidental tapping. When playing against virtual players, your card is also auto marked and will be immediately declared as the winner as soon as the app identifies the winning pattern on your card. Managing multiple Tap BINGO cards is so easy especially on smaller phones. The cards are presented on a clear (or dark mode) screen and are easy to visualize, read and tap. When called, the number appears on a bright coloured ball indicating that it is present on one or all of your cards. A number on a gray ball indicates otherwise. When playing with a group, the BINGO caller can track and view all the numbers by the order they were called and by the letters they represent. When a player wins and shouts "BINGO!", the tracking screen should be used to verify the numbers against the player’s winning card prior confirming win. More importantly, the winner's card shows a log indicating the date it was created and when the player joined the game. The log is a way to ensure that players aren't replacing their cards mid game. Have fun with Tap BINGO. Play BINGO anytime, anywhere!
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Release:Jul 27, 2022
Updated:Aug 07, 2022
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