Universal tap a gap by knalleridee

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    tap a gap is a hard to master, simple to play arcade game.

    The task to close rings by tapping a gap seems to be an easy job... but as always in life, time is not your friend. Luckily there are three bonus modes made for help. Laser, Ray and Freeze might become handy the more you work out their strenghts for breaking top most highscores.

    By time you will figure out new tricks like swiping to close neighboring gaps. Uhhh uuh, speaking of tricks. Here is a secret tip for everybody reading this text: Try sharing via twitter and Facebook, and take a look at that generated picture. It has a pro tip for you!

    Inspired by an old game tap a gap shows how modern mobile gaming feels like. Create your highscore now!

    Get it here https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tap-a-gap/id956767144?mt=8

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