Apple TV TanooJump - jump and dash against the wrathful Pandas

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    Let's play TanooJump, our game created and developed exclusively for the new Apple TV! It's free for launch.

    Do you know what a Tanuki is? It’s a legendary animal having large attributes blessed with magical properties. But today, a dark threat is upon their huge secret. The mission that you have no choice but to accept is to protect this secret against the wrathful Pandas, using all the possibilities of the Apple TV Remote.

    In this quest, you will play as Tanoo and our first advice is to not see your enemies as the fluffy animals they are, which would be a dreadful mistake because those Pandas are actually “evil”. They long to steal the Tanuki parchment containing all of their most hidden secrets.

    With the remote, touch to jump, sweep to kick or stomp and send the Pandas to their own “panda-land” while gathering all coins and protecting your parchment.

    We released the 1.1, with new game mechanics, Game Center integration, Controller Compatibility and many other... and the fever mode.


    How the Tanuki's story ends is all up to you now.

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