Universal Tank Battle Heroes - PvP Brawls

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    We want to catch arising issues early on and develop this experience alongside the community. Please, let us know what are your thoughts about the game. Can't wait to see your comments.

    Get ready for the tank warfare in this modern PvP tank shooter! Choose your tank, upgrade your weapon and get ready for real war in an exciting arena where there's danger around every corner!​


    Destroy enemies, aim precisely, shoot fast and dominate the world full of different tanks!​

    As the community always plays a crucial role in open beta development, we would love to see your feedback on Tank Battle Heroes. You can leave your comments in this thread, send your feedback through the TestFlight or join us in Social Media, and send us a message directly. We invite players to voice their suggestions and concerns in forums and discord.

    Can't wait to see your feedback on the game!
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    Thought I’d try Tank Battle being a long time World of Tanks player. This is very different, being more a simulation of remote control toy tanks. As such it is looking good so far. Joypad movement is very sharp making it fun to watch the tanks zip about, duck behind cover and dodge bullets.

    I’ve been playing the campaign missions and after completing each one there is a sort of crash. The screen turns white, though the game is still running behind it. Exiting and restarting rectifies this. Using iPad Air 2 with os 12.2.
    edit: I think these blank screens relate to ads which may not be implemented yet.

    Multiplayer games last about 5 seconds as I’m matched against way stronger opponents, so not really able to test it.
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    Apr 21, 2019
    At first i enjoyed it. The tanks really quick to respond, but then the adverts started popping up after each mission.

    You should remove the random advert popups.
    Theres already options to watch ads for double rewards & the game has micro transactions.

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    Mar 4, 2014


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