Tall Bike Joust

In a world where chaos reigns and might makes right, those who stand alone don’t stand for long.

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In a world where chaos reigns and might makes right, those who stand alone don’t stand for long.

Tall Bike Joust features six post-apocalyptic cityscapes in which players compete in Quick Jousts and longer Tournament battles to increase their ability to defeat opponents. Players can choose and name their avatar, modify their attributes and customize their bicycles. The supreme confrontation is to joust Doyle, the official Tall Bike Jousting Champion of the World, to secure the top spot and achieve eternal fame.

The world reaches peak oil in the year 2012; the means to produce enough oil to satisfy global demand has failed. Going to war to gain control of oil fields in the Middle East, the U.S. and other countries enter an extreme recession and automakers go out of business. In response, people turn to bicycles as their main form of transportation.

Meanwhile, a powerful corporate entity hacks into U.S. government computers and takes control, unleashing an arsenal of nuclear weapons that destroy the largest cities in the world. Not knowing who to blame, every nuclear-capable country responds in a dramatic fashion by dropping bombs on its most likely adversary in retaliation.

What remains when the game begins in 2021 are several strongholds controlled by corporate entities, housed within skyscrapers dotting the post-apocalyptic landscape. Each stronghold can produce enough food and resources to sustain a moderate population. Outside the strongholds are groups of nomadic survivors—anarchists that travel on mutant bikes. They survive on trash from the nearest stronghold and rudimentary farming while using their wits and creativity to fight other bike clubs for territorial control.

Lots of fun (5 STARS)
“This game makes me want to go weld two bikes together . . .”
- by Rman04

Another Great One! (5 STARS)
“Tall Bike Joust is a very original and fun game.”
- by coloursound
Genre:Action, Sports
Release:Jan 21, 2010
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