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    whats the Tales Series? check it out here

    as stated in the title this post is going to be all about the controls......

    Note: this set of thoughts leverages the 3D object GUI idea i posted awhile back in one of my random idea threads (i would link to it but im to lazy to find it) where you can flick to rotate 3D objects on the screen thus changing its function. the idea is basically a way to consolidate multiple functions into one on screen button/object.


    -no VJ; first thumb to touch screen controls the movement
    -hybrid: A.direct slide to move and B: auto move like when holding thumb on screen the character will auto move in the direction the character is facing you will only need to move your thumb when you want to change direction

    -tap anywhere on screen to talk/interact

    -on the top right there will be a radar
    -tap on it to open full screen map
    -tap on the X to close
    -tap to set waypoint
    -full screen map: pinch to zoom in/out
    -get details about towns like shop inventory list ect

    -top left there can be an icon (like an item bag) that will open menu

    -when a skit is available a bar icon (with skit tittle) will appear at the bottom center of the screen (similar to tales of vesperia) tapping on this bar will play skit


    *no blocking; put more emphasis on movement dodging and lunging via flicks
    *no auto move to target when you press attack; put more emphasis on range
    *for the older tales games (which this would probably be); i would also tweak the engine so that all spells are casted and damage dealt in real time. the only interrupt would be the summons similar to the engine of tales of eternia (or tales of destiny 2 here in the states)

    movement/attack orientation:
    -no VJ
    -first thumb to touch the screen controls movement
    -flick forwards to lunge forward and flick backwards to roll/flip/hop backwards
    -attack orientation; done by sliding thumb in the direction you want to attack
    -attack orientation changes the types of regular attacks you do as well

    attack (melee/skill):
    -bottom right there will one Virtual Button
    -tap on this button to attack
    -tap and hold to charge skill
    -you can assign up to 5 skills
    -1. tap hold 2/3/4/5. tap hold then immediately slide thumb up/down/left/right

    attack: (melee/magic)
    -virtual button (albeit smaller) bottom right; works the same as melee sans skills
    -the melee button can be removed for magic specific characters in the settings menu since you dont normally attack with them anyways
    -hugging the bottom of the screen slightly to the left of the virtual button there will be a rectangular icon/button that displays the currently equipped spell (if virtual button is removed this will hug the bottom right)
    -to change the spell you flick across this icon/button to rotate the button thus toggling thru different spells or summons
    -to cast the spell you simply tap and hold on an enemy, party member or area to cast the spell

    -top left icon just tap to bring up menu
    -you can use item, change equipment, tweak formation, change character

    -top right there will be another rectangular button/icon
    -this icon/button will display the current strategy you have set
    -to change the strategy you simply flick across the icon left or right and it will rotate and toggle thru the set of paradigms/strategy you have set up
    -you can customize and create your own strategies
    -you can even organize the order of your strategies and designate which one will be the default

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