Sorceria 1: The Mad Doctor

Jeffrey Yen
A traditional “4 Heroes save World” RPG: Select 4 heroes out of 8 different classes to go on a medium-length adventure. …
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A traditional “4 Heroes save World” RPG: Select 4 heroes out of 8 different classes to go on a medium-length adventure. ****** The Story ****** Faira, a quiet farming province near the center of the Aiser Kingdom, enjoyed relative peace growing cabbage, grains, and fruit. Then one day a man calling himself the Doctor came and started turning villagers into the undead! A plea for help was sent to the Guild, the organization of adventurers spanning the continent of Sorceria. The Guild sent four heroes to resolve the crisis. And so, the adventure begins! ****** Game Highlights ****** *** All weapons, items, and monster stats are randomly generated every game. When you play, you may get goblins that are strong in physical defense but weak against fire, and your best weapon may be a Crystal Spear. While in your friend’s game he may get goblins weak against ice, and all his weapons are so horrible that he’ll have to rely on magic. It is up to you the player, to figure out the best strategy to beat the game with what you have. *** “Final Fantasy Legend” (or Saga in JP) inspired combat system where nearly every item has limited uses. This way you have to think about what weapons/skills to use when. You can also use different weapons depending on the battle situation. *** Abnormal states play a greater role. Many abnormal states remain after battle. So getting poisoned or confused is now a bigger deal that you can’t just shrug off with cheap remedies. *** Variety of locations to explore. From simple caves to cellar dungeons to hospital ruins. Can you survive them all with wit and courage? *** Every character class is unique. Will you pick the Fighter, who does uber damage in battle and has Godzilla HP? Will you pick the Rogue, who can pick locks and help you avoid trap damage? Or will you pick the Dancer, who is no warrior but can get you great bargains in stores and charm villagers into giving you more support? 8 different character classes, infinite combinations. ****** Reviews ****** "Tales of Sorceria 1: The Mad Doctor deserves a spot on any old school style role playing games lovers' iOS device for its adorable graphics and great game play." - ******* SUPPORT ******* * For updates and news, follow us: Twitter: Facebook: * Stuck? Visit our website for tips and hints.
Seller:Jeffrey Yen
Genre:Role Playing
Release:Jun 04, 2012
Updated:Oct 16, 2012
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