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    Tales of Rescaria Online Coming 2022 for PC and Nintendo Switch

    About the Game:

    Game Description

    Tales of Rescaria Online is a free to play with integrated item shop (only cosmetics) fantasy sandbox MMORPG with PvE and PvP content, which is under development. In the game, the player can choose between three races and 3 enemy empires. Every race can play in every empire and is not gender-locked. The races all have the ability to handle any weapon, but they differ in their talent in handling certain weapons. The player will be able to craft his weapons and armor himself, as well as design his own skill path.

    The world:

    The world of Tales of Rescaria Online takes place in a continent where every life has its origin in the elements fire, water, air and earth. The energy of these elements can be bundled and made physical in the form of stones. The largest bundles and thus the largest source for these energies can be found in 5 rocks, of which 4 each carry only the energy of a single element and the largest rock carries the energy of all 4 elements at the same time. The 4 rocks with the individual elements can be found across the entire continent in the north, south, west and east and are kept secret and protected by monks in temples.

    Furthermore, there are 3 empires in this continent, which are hostile to each other. However, there are areas that cannot be assigned to any of these empires. In this area you will find the temples mentioned above, as well as a large independent city built around the rock with the energy of all elements.

    The concept:

    The Races:

    Different races live in the world of Rescaria. With the release, the player will be able to choose between 3 races in character creation: the elves, the humans and the dwarves.

    unlike many other games, the player can choose which weapon his character will use, regardless of which race he has chosen, and can change this weapon at any time. However, what differentiates the races is the talent in dealing with the respective weapon type. In addition to his level, the character can also level the skill for handling the respective weapon type. The better the races learning factor, the faster the character progresses in it.

    The weapons:

    The following weapons will initially be available in Tales of Rescaria Online:








    Weapons cannot be dropped by monsters in the game, but are only crafted by players. In order to craft the weapons, the player will need to collect the necessary materials in the game. A weapon can only be used by a character if it has the required weapon skill level.

    The armor:

    The following armor will initially be available in Tales of Rescaria Online:

    Light armor

    Light armor (leather)

    Heavy armor

    The armor types differ in their attributes.

    Armors cannot be dropped by monsters in the game, but only crafted by players. To craft the armor, the player will need to collect the necessary materials in the game. Armor can only be used by a character if it has the required level.


    Upgrade weapons and armor:

    The weapons and armor in the game will have different levels. At first, when you craft them, they are level +0. To improve the weapon or armor you can go to the blacksmith and try to upgrade the weapon to the next level. Depending on the level, you need certain items to upgrade, which you have to bring with you. These items disappear after upgrading your weapon and armor. The items are, for example, loot, which you get from monsters. The chance that a weapon will be successfully upgraded to the next level is not always 100%. The higher the level of the weapon, the lower the chance of success. When upgrading successfully, the item’s stats improve. If the upgrade fails, the weapon is broken. However, it does not disappear because you can still repair it. To repair, you need certain items again and there are two different options:

    The player uses the required items and repairs the weapon – after the repair, the weapon loses a level (example: before repairing, the weapon is +4. After repairing, the weapon is +3)

    The player uses the required items + a weapon at the same level (a level 1 weapon can be repaired with a level 1 weapon). This will repair the weapon, but will not lose an upgrade level (example: before repairing, the weapon is +4. After repairing, the weapon is +4)

    The jewelery:


    The abilities:

    The skills that a player can use depend on the weapon he is currently using and the level of his weapon ability. The higher the weapon ability level, the more abilities can be unlocked. The individual abilities can be trained by reading books for the respective ability. Ability books are items in the game that can be read by the character with a right click. These books disappear after reading.

    Between the unlocked abilities, the player has to choose 4 abilities that he sets to active. Only the abilities that are active can be used by the player. Changing active abilities has a cooldown of 15 minutes so that the player cannot constantly switch between weapons and abilities in a fight.


    The Elements

    The 4 elements of fire, water, air and earth play a major role in the world of Rescaria and so many features are related to it.


    An event in the story behind the world of Rescaria caused an imbalance in the system of elements, causing anomalies in many places.

    Element anomalies is a material that has been created incorrectly due to the imbalance in the element system. This material is stone-shaped and spoils the life in its environment. This stone can be destroyed by players, i.e. the stone has a lifeline. This stone does not actively defend itself, but it can spawn groups of monsters that attack the player who is currently damaging the stone. The player now has the choice whether to damage the stone to the end until it is destroyed, because then all monsters that he has spawned disappear, or if he kills the monsters first. It would be important to kill the monsters first if the monsters are very strong, because the number will increase and at some point the player could die from the large number of monsters not managing to defend himself against so many. Once the stone is destroyed, it drops special loot.

    Each map has a certain number of stones that randomly spawn somewhere in the map

    If a stone is destroyed, a new stone will spawn somewhere on this map after a certain time (e.g. after 10 minutes)

    A stone spawns monsters according to its life (the first damage and then every 20% again, thus at: 100%, 80%, 60%, 40%, 20%

    There are different stones and they have a level (the level also corresponds to the level of difficulty)

    The level of the stone determines which monsters it spawns (roughly in this level area)

    A player who is more than 10 levels higher than the stone no longer drops any of this stone

    Element stones

    Element stones are objects that carry the energy of a certain element. The player can obtain these stones by destroying the element anomaly stones. These element stones are used to craft weapons, which assigns an element to the weapon. The element of a weapon decides on some abilities that are then available to the player.

    Other systems:

    Below is a list of some systems we want to implement in the game.

    Pet system

    Players can have multiple pets in the game, but only one pet can be called at a time. This pet will run optically next to the character.

    Pets give the player certain buffs when called

    Buffs can be learned from pets, so each player can individually decide which buffs are most important for their pet


    Other features that will likely be implemented in the future:

    Pets will be levelable

    Pets will be caught in the wild

    Pets can be bred

    Mount system:

    Players can have multiple mounts.

    You can ride on your mount, which makes you go faster.

    Other features that will likely be implemented in the future:

    Mounts will be levelable

    Mounts will have certain abilities that can be used while riding

    Mounts can be caught in the wild

    Mounts can be bred

    Trading system:

    For the trading system, we chose player shops instead of an auction house. Players can also trade privately with each other.

    A player shop is a kind of shop that the player can set up in the world. Other players can run to this shop and click on it, just like when you address an NPC, and open the shop. In the shop there are the things that you offer for sale.

    Dungeon system:

    Different dungeons will be integrated into the game. These can be completed in raids by players.

    Dungeons should generally be done as a group

    The tasks are distributed in such a way that you are dependent on a role allocation. You need ranged, melee, tanks, damage dealers and supporters, as well as magicians

    Dungeons give players a special reward

    Each player receives the reward 1 time

    After completing a dungeon, you have to wait a certain amount of time before you can repeat it

    World boss system:

    There are big bosses that keep spawning and must be defeated by a large number of players. There will be at least 1 boss per element

    World bosses give you a special reward (special material for crafting weapons)

    Prison system:

    As punishment, we will implement a kind of prison in the game. This prison is used to transport players who have committed an offense. To get out of jail, you either have to serve a certain amount of time online or do certain tasks.


    Thank you for reading.

    PS: We are always looking for people for our team.

    Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or suggestions

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