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    May 28, 2014
    Hi guys

    First of all we are happy to announce the launch of Take 2 Heaven’s kickstarter.

    The kickstarter goal is $NZD 13000 and will help Nightsilver completing Take 2 Heaven’s initial content.


    Take 2 Heaven is going to be one of the most dynamic action RPG on mobile (F2P) enhanced with very detailed and beautiful animations.

    A long time ago the Creator made the rules. It was so simple - the good ones can go to heaven and the bad ones must go to hell. But when the apocalypse comes, the bad people are so many, and only a few good are sent to heaven. The Creator falls into grief, and heaven loses its brightness. An angel decides to secretly create mini angels. Send them to Earth to collect souls and take them to Heaven!

    Key features:

    * Experience the game through multiple classes with unique skills and moves

    * Single player & Online multiplayer

    * Over 100 animated monsters and 20 bosses around the world

    * Crafting

    * Co-Operation : Raid boss & Colosseum

    * Explore the world : 10 cities with 3-4 scenes each already planned

    * Create your meta : Lots of armor sets and pets to acquire

    * Deep character customization


    Please everyone we really need as many visits on Kickstarter as we get - stay on the page at least a minute.

    Every penny also counts! If you can afford it thanks in advance!

    If you don't have cash, we understand. Please, like us on
    facebook https://www.facebook.com/TakeToHeaven?ref=hl
    @Tweet https://twitter.com/Gothic_lullaby

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