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    [​IMG] Take Me, Phone for iOS4 V2.1 release now.

    Over 67 countries of people to download, Over 30% user in 28 countries run it by everyday.

    Combination with more than 40% that most commonly used these functions of iPhone to the APP

    This App was designed to do:
    Remind and protect, trace your device at any time & anywhere.
    Guard your device to avoid those pickpockets.

    If used iPhone 3G & iPod touch 2nd, Don't suggest to buy it.
    The issue of low memory base on their HW, it could reduce a few functions for you.


    - Trace your device with the page of Google Buzz from any one of browser.
    - Burglarproof Alert time range from 1 to 240 minutes.
    - Guard Alert types had 3 level. ( laugh <-> angry <-> cry )
    - Proximity & motion sensor.
    - Voice detection.
    - Free fall alert.
    - Appeasement function.
    - Customize your pass code to stop the alert action.
    - Cry alert can try to avoid those pickpockets to take away your iPhone and remind you.
    ( Must be running this function of guard alert timer then you put your device on table. )
    - Yahoo Weather (Nonsupport iPhone 3G, when there was memory issues.)
    - Multi-country format calendar.
    - Time report ( 15 mm / 30 mm / 45 mm / 1 hour ) - Shake your device to open or close it.
    - Connect with your friends via Google Buzz.
    - Battery State alert by auto. ( 25% recharge alert / Full Charge alert )
    - The owl’s calendar clock.

    iTunes Link:


    Paid APP: $7.99 ~ ???
    Please take care to check when you want to buy the APP,
    this price maybe change for a few of sale action.




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