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    Jan 13, 2021
    Hi! I'd like to introduce an app, WorryTree! As featured in the NHS App Library (UK)

    WorryTree helps you record, manage and problem solve your worries and anxiety based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques.

    WorryTree is built by worriers, for worriers. We’re a family-run UK business whose mission is to help other people who suffer from similar excessive worry and generalized anxiety.

    WorryTree supports you through the problem-solving process - helping you either to make a plan to deal with your worry, or find in-the-moment distractions to help you cope.

    • A simple and practical way to journal your worries and anxiety
    • Built-in action plans for dealing with situations you're worrying about
    • Remember what helps you feel calm when you're feeling anxious
    • Recognize patterns in your thinking to clearly address issues or common thoughts
    • Encrypted and passcode protected


    "This app is so simple, wonderful and functional at the same time. When I am worrying about something, I just write it on this app, and then I feel much better."

    "If you, or your child, struggle with anxiety, I highly recommend the WorryTree app. My son, some of my coaching clients and I have used it and I've not found anything else like it. I am finding myself recommending it as a mental health resource at least once a week at the moment!"

    "One day at a time. This app came along just after I found out that my worry box app no longer existed. Then came along this wonderful CBT tool which I will be using for years to come, repetitively."

    Download on the App Store:

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