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    Hey guys! I'm posting here today to inquire as to whether or not TA is in need of any writers, or any kind of staff. I have been a member of these forums for a good amount of years now, and I've always enjoyed reading the articles provided. When I asked Shaun Musgrave the other day, he mentioned I should come to this section of the forums and post about it. I am wildly passionate about video games, and even more so of mobile gaming. I have been playing video games my whole life, and iOS games before there was even an App Store with games in it. Mobile games are special to me because of the awesome advances in technology since I was younger, have allowed for new and exciting things to happen. I'm always excited to see what is next for iOS and I would really enjoy writing for TA finally, after so many years being a member of the community. It would be awesome to be able not only to write, but to do so about something I am interested in. Thank you for any and all responses, in advance.

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