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    Hi guys! We are the team of AppicPlay! It’s glad to tell you that our new game Synthwave will be released on the 8th of November! This game is a perfect combination of synth music and body movements as you can control your own rhythm together with the beats! It has really cool color background and innerving music, which can stimulate every nerve in you and light your passion! DO NOT miss it!

    Our team, AppicPlay, is a studio founded in 2016. We are an energetic and productive group and have developed and published many popular and high-quality mobile games during these years. And this game, Synthwave, is real our sincere work, you can’t stop once you start to play it!

    Pre-order link

    Here are some screen shots of this game. It’s very simple the gameplay and you can get it easily!




    Also, there is a video for better understanding of this game!

    ATTENTION! If you wanna test it in advance, please contact is via Private Message! We’re waiting for your words!

    Thanks very much!
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    Groovesome graphics and audio! Looking forward to this one.

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