iPhone Synesthetic: Every song, a new experience - Coming July 19

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  1. Alex Dantis

    Alex Dantis Active Member

    Mar 20, 2012
    It's official! Synesthetic, the first IOS game that truly builds levels based on the songs in your iPod library, is coming to the AppStore on July 19. Prepare to experience your music like never before!

    Check out the release trailer below:


    -any song in your iPod library is a new level
    -3 different game modes for each song
    -Universal app that runs on any iDevice (3rd gen and up) with IOS 4.2 or higher
    -the game runs at a smooth 60 fps on all devices
    -full iPad3 support
    -every song has its own leaderboards
    -GameCenter integration for achievements
    -multiple color themes (make the game as trippy as you like)
    -2 control schemes (tilt and joystick).

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