Swingman and Friends (by Kaliba)

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    Nov 9, 2018
    Hello everyone,

    I am Mert from Istanbul, Turkey, i work as a software product manager in the mornings and game dev at nights :) 5 months ago I met with Godot Engine and I had zero coding knowledge, i am trying to learn and improve myself in the game design and development area since then :) Today I just released my first game Swingman and Friends on App Store and Play Store. I would be really glad if you check it out and give some feedback :)

    Swingman is a retro style arcade game. If you ready for a fun challenge then the Swingman and Friends is waiting for you to play! Use your rope wisely or die tryin! Only thing you got to do is avoid obstacles and try not to fall while it's getting harder and harder and harder and harder. If it doesn't sound serious, it is! Try it out and test your skills in this very serious game! And it's totally free even different characters in the game are free, come on, what else could be better :)

    How to Play:
    -Tap left side of screen to air jump
    -Tap and hold right side of screen to throw rope and swing

    Play Store Link: http://bit.ly/2OuZHu9

    Trailer video:


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