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    Nov 1, 2012
    Hey everyone,

    First something about me: I was a young developer myself. I started programming with 13 years and published my first iPhone Game with GameSalad with only 14 years. After the last years I know exactly how hard it is to get into this business when you don't have any experience, but since I'm now 18 and have some years of experience I want to help these people, especially kids but also all others, who are at the moment in the same situation we all were some time ago.

    So therefore I'm planning to create devkid!
    With this program I want to give everyone the opportunity to start creating games and apps and even publish them.
    I want to create a website ( where everyone can find resources which can help to improve your development and especially your marketing knowledge by publishing articles on my blog that give tips and help from the best developers outside. But also I'm planning on developing a feature, that everyone who has no developer account to publish there games for free (at the beginning just on the android market)!

    I'm hoping that I can do something amazing to some people here and especially to the young people to give them such a opportunity to learn from the best and boost up their knowledge and level of skill, because the future belongs to these kids!

    PS: Another important thing is that I would be pleased, if some of you would support this project by helping these people directly by writing articles for our blog about any topic you want or any other help, because without the help of others such a project is not possible. If you are interested please contact me :)

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