SuperTrucks Offroad Racing

Meltdown Interactive
SuperTrucks Offroad Racing is an off-road racing game inspired by the top down racing games from the arcade era. TOUGH…
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SuperTrucks Offroad Racing is an off-road racing game inspired by the top down racing games from the arcade era. TOUGH OFF ROAD RACING CONDITIONS Race in challening off-road racing conditions such as sand, mud, snow and tarmac! BONUS EVENTS Attempt the LONG JUMP, TIME TRIAL and OBSTACLE COURSE events between races! CUSTOMISE YOUR TRUCK Change the look of your off road truck with a selection of paints, decals and tyre sets ranging from common to legendary! As you race and open crates, more items for your truck will be unlocked to keep yoru ride looking fresh! UPGRADE YOUR TRUCK The racing action starts off slow but as you upgrade your off-road truck, things will start to get faster! The further you progress into the game, the faster the AI will become and the better your driving and cornering will need to be, as well as your management of nitro. Upgrade your ENGINE, EXHAUST, TYRES, SUSPENSION and NITRO to best suit your racing style! UNLOCK NIGHT RACING IN HARDCORE MODE! Once you complete career mode, hard-core mode will unlock with races taking place at night! 234 RACE EVENTS SuperTrucks Offroad Racing offers a grand total of 234 race events, offering off road racing fans a wide variety of challenges and tough off-road racing conditions. SEMI-REALISTIC RACING The driving model is semi-realistic and drifting around corners using nitro at the right time is the key to good racing. LOTS OF RACING CAMERA OPTIONS TOP DOWN RACING MODE Experience top down racing from a high vantage point, this is the way this truck racing games are meant to be played! BROADCAST RACING MODE Similar to top down racing but from further away. The camera doesn't rotate around to follow the back of your truck, giving you racing action from all angles. CHASE RACING MODE This is a good racing camera for new truck racers as it provides the best view from behind the truck and makes the controls easy to pick up. OPTIMISED FOR MOBILE The game is optimised for mobile, offering smooth performance even on entry level devices. If you have a modern mobile device make sure to set the graphics quality settings to "Ultra" to get the best look and play the game it was meant to be played! CONTROLLER SUPPORT HAS BEEN ADDED IN THE LATEST BUILD! Racing with a controller now supported. Key bindings can be set in Settings. Each city contains 9 events, with a difficult boss to beat at the end of each city. In between each race, a selection of bonus events will be presented for you to beat... THE LONG JUMP Scream down a gigantic monster ramp, find the right angle and hit your nitro at just the right time to soar over 100 metres onto the tarmac below. THE TIME TRIAL Set on a tarmac surface with Ramp Series ramps, this is a pure racing skill test with long straights and tight corners, with a starting lap time to beat of 1:15. THE OBSTACLE COURSE Race down a straight track on tarmac while avoiding a set of carefull placed barrier obstacles, this bonus event will test your cornering skills like no other! RAMP SERIES EVENTS ON TARMAC In between each city is a Ramp Series set of events with each event on tarmac, with man-made ramps placed around the track. Can you beat all 7 city racing champions and unlock the hardcore night-racing mode? Important Consumer Information: The game requires a persistent internet connection to play, all gameplay data is stored on a game server. The game requests your consent for advertising and collects data through third party analytics and crash-reporting technology See our Privacy Policy & Terms of Use for details. You may opt-out at any time in the consent dialog from the profile screen 'Manage Consent' button, however not all functionality of the game may work correctly.
Seller:Meltdown Interactive
Genre:Racing, Sports
Release:Jan 29, 2023
Updated:Feb 08, 2023
Size:297.4 MB
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