SuperTank is a 3D tank shoot game. the copter will lead you to the "Crazy Island" and order you kill all the c…
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SuperTank is a 3D tank shoot game. the copter will lead you to the "Crazy Island" and order you kill all the crazy tanks, as the commander's motto "no terror no pity...the war is starting... ". Heavy fighting on the iPhone today.
Add : 1st gen iPod touch devices compatible now
- Accelerometer to control the run direction.
- Tap to lock the aim tank.
- locked aim shooting.
- Real 3D physics collision.
- Tanks and copter coordinated attack.
- Intelligent angle of view.
- Advanced AI robot .
- Left & right run up in order to avoid attacking.
- Beautiful explosive effects.
- Props acquired by player: Copter, accelerating shell, gold coin & accelerating fuel
- Three tanks with different functions are available for players.
- Automatically save play data of players including gold coin, fuel, various props data and the historic data can be cleared from system menu.

How To Play The SuperTank
Because many users write to me and ask how to play the 3D game SuperTank, i write down a simple instruction here.
First of all, the SuperTank is not the same as other Tanks Game or any other shoot games. it will lock the aim, just like the real weapon or missile in the world.
the copter will drop you on the island , then you are free from the copter.
1. Tap the GAS button and hold on it , it runs ahead.
2. When you see or meet the enemy tank, just Tap the enemy tank in 3D world ( Tap the enemy tank on the screen ), it will lock the tank and aim at it.
3. Then , Tap fire button to shoot out cannonball, the enemy tanks will run around to dodge bullets and fire you.
4. If you did not want to be killed , please run around to dodge bullets. or call the copter for help ( Tap the copter button, if you have the copter caller).
5. When you kill the enemy tanks it will drop some property, such as gold , copter caller, fast gun, and health cabinet .
6. And you can go to the repair building to repair your injured tanks .
That's all . if you still did not find out how to play it , please visite our game Website for more information and watch the Demo Video .

We do the best to make this game more splendid & exciting and we hope you like it.
Genre:Action, Adventure
Release:Feb 18, 2009
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