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When the moon rises on the superstar, we will be led to each other and resemble each other. The girl of the month, with …
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When the moon rises on the superstar, we will be led to each other and resemble each other. The girl of the month, with a superstar Meet SUPERSTAR LOONA(SSLO) now! New song update with the girl of the month, new card theme -The song you want is here! You can meet the songs sung by the girl of the month -We always collect a new girl of the month, a theme card that is updated every week! Play with fans around the world in the weekly league and world records -An a high score in the weekly league and challenge higher tiers -The first place is mine! World Records competing with users around the world How to meet the exclusive contents of the girl of this month? -The girl of the month meets with a live theme as bright as the full moon! -On now, you can only check the superstar, so don't miss it --------------------- [Guide to access rights to smartphone apps] When using the app, we are requesting access to the following services. [Required approach permission] -Photo/Video/File: To save game data in storage -Reading external repository, recording: Necessary to store various settings in the game and to store music data cache -Call: Necessary to analyze advertising tracking and create PUSH reception tokens -Wi-Fi connection information: When downloading additional data, it is necessary to check the Wi-Fi connection and send a guide message. -ID: Necessary for 'Creating and Confirmation of User Revision' [Selection approach permission] -Note: To receive information notifications and advertising PUSH notifications sent from the game app. * You can use the app without agreeing with the optional access rights. * It may be difficult to use some of the functions of the service when the optional approach. [How to withdraw access to access] Settings> Select the app and withdraw ※ If the notes do not come down smoothly when playing the game, please check the "Low " in the [Display Settings] option of [Settings]! ※ SUPERSTAR LOONA(SSLO) can be enjoyed for free, but the fee is charged when purchasing some paid items. ※ If you have any inquiries, please send it to [email protected] and we will do our best to consult. --------------------- SUPERSTAR LOONA(SSLO) related to sweet and soft game inquiry E-mail: [email protected]
Seller:Dalcomsoft, Inc.
Genre:Arcade, Music
Release:Oct 13, 2022
Updated:Mar 05, 2024
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