Super Pirate! Plunderer of World Treasures! is going to launch app store

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    What shall I do the get these treasures?

    September 12, 2010 – Are you tired of do-good heros? Super Pirate, Plunderer of World Treasures is an extremely innovative game that set you to be the god of Fortune, but this time, you would rather use your power to help pirate ships finding treasures in the world and avoid encountering marine ships!

    In Super Pirate, Plunderer of World Treasures!, you, as the God of Fortune, have been summoned into this Pirate World. The marine ships are trying to catch pirates, and these pirates needs your help to avoid them.

    Throughout the game, your actual interaction is drawing direction lines on the screen. Yet with such a simple action, there is an extreme challenge in front of you. As the level goes up, there will be more pirate ships and marine ships. You should make sure the direction lines that you draw will lead all of them to the treasures.

    Fortunately, the game’s difficulty level has been well designed, so you won’t get overwhelmed. Besides that, the game is smart enough to correct your curly lines which makes the interaction with the touch screen extremely easy.

    It’s not a secret that beauty doesn’t equal to game entertainment. But this game’s designers are not turning a blind eye to design. Super Pirate, Plunderer of World Treasures! allow you to play with terrific cute pirate ships. Fun to watch even when you are losing terribly…

    As a mini game designed to be played in short bursts every day, Super Pirate, Plunderer of World Treasures! works perfectly.
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    I had super pitate for dinner once.
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    And I came started one time, as well.

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