Super Pancake Match (Flowerpot Games)

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    Super Pancake Match is a strategy game cleverly disguised as a Match-3 game. Race against the clock to match as many items as you can - match-3, match-4, match-5, match-more, the more you match the higher your score.

    Download Super Pancake Match today and tell your friends.

    • Use your whits and your cunning to match as many as you can before time runs out.
    • Multiple consecutive matches will boost your score multiplier for an even higher score.
    • Clear the board to get an awesome score bonus. But don't stop there, keep matching until time runs out.

    screen1-640x960.png screen2-640x960.png screen3-640x960.png screen4-640x960.png

    Flowerpot Games is an independent game developer.

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