Universal Super Kid Ninja - highscore mini platformer

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    Jan 18, 2015
    Super Kid Ninja

    So we started this game in 2010 but sort of got sidetracked with a lot of stuff including our overly ambitious full stop-motion claymation game, Knite and the Ghost Lights.
    We have literally spent most waking hour taking tens of thousands of photographs of tiny sets for the last two years.
    For the sake of sanity, we decided to take this little guy off the shelf and finish him up. At the time Super Kid Ninja was about 90% done. We almost releaed it again in 2012 before we were Mobot studios.... but didnt.

    It's nothing fancy but we think it's a fun little high score game. It sort of combines a runner with the abilty to endlessly jump like a flappy game - but not a flappy game. You basiclly jump around and try to smash as many pots as you can. Why pots? I dont know. I'm not the greatest pixel artist! :eek:

    I hope you guys find it entertaining for a while. It's been submitted and should be coming out next week. Classic free with ads. No microtransactions and ads are pretty light.

    (stupid youtube mades it look all choppy!




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