Universal Super Dinosaur Kickin' Tail [by Big Blue Bubble] - out in Canada

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    Canucks check out Super Dinosaur Kickin' Tail on iOS & Google

    Beat up waves of evil Dino Men with your awesome pal Super Dinosaur in Super Dinosaur: Kickin’ Tail!

    Team up with the heroes from Skybound's cartoon and comic series Super Dinosaur to battle hordes of Max Maximus’ minions in this action-packed beat ‘em up.

    Upgrade your favorite characters and use their unique sidekicks and special attacks to complete daring missions, take on weekly challenges, and compete against your friends in a PVP arena!

    • Dozens of characters to collect
    • 180+ playable levels
    • 6 mission types: tower defense, escort, assault, and more!
    • Weekly event challenges
    • Ranked PVP arena mode​
    • Tons of armor, attacks, and heroes to unlock and upgrade
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    Nov 16, 2017

    Check out Super Dinosaur Kickin' Tail Update 1.0.4 on iOS & Google in Canada

    Game play Improvements

    • Mission Bosses now push forward toward the player's HEG when not being directly attacked
    • In AutoPlay mode, Leaders will now wait until they are within the attack range of a target before using their Super Attack
    • Characters level background changed to indicate character's current rarity level
      • Green - Default rarity and indicates that the character is on the player's team
      • Red - Default rarity and indicates that the character is on the enemy's team
      • Blue - Awesome Rarity
      • Purple - Epic Rarity
      • Gold - Mega Epic Rarity
    • Skip Intro functionality added
    • Friendly collision is capped at size two to improve navigation between friendly buildings
    • Friction has been reduced when units are blocked
    Events Menu Improvements
    • Daily Mission difficulty changed to scale with the user's current cards in hand
    • Selected banner expands to show reward details
    Other changes
    • Players with a player level above 25 will now receive circuits when replaying campaign missions
    • Most status effects will clear once a wave has been completed
    • Improved combat stability

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